Software Product Review Dataset: Unleash the Power of Verified Reviews

Our cutting-edge platform offers an abundance of valuable tech product review data from various trustworthy sources, including Trustpilot, G2 reviews, and more. We deliver parsed, clean, and accurate data that will revolutionize your research process.

Unlock the Power of Customer Feedback: Trustpilot, G2 reviews, and more sources at your fingertips

Data That Matters: Parsed, clean, and accurate insights tailored to your needs.

Seamless Integration: Delivery in JSON, CSV, Excel formats for effortless usability.

Comprehensive Information: Products, reviews, ratings, and many other data points at your disposal.

Make Informed Decisions: Valuable for investment and market research - stay ahead of the curve.

20,000+ companies trust

3M + Software product reviews

Always fresh updated data

What are software product reviews

Tech product review data contains information about customers' opinions on specific products. You can use it to find reliable tech products, monitor market trends, conduct competitive analyses, and enhance investment intelligence.

Download the full sample to check our data structure and dictionary.

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Clean data

Avoid de-duplication, date formats, site changes

Data from the most challenging sources

Remove the burden and complexity of gathering data on your own.

Subscribe to a data feed

Get updated or new records from your preferred dataset daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly based on your chosen schedule.

Filter datasets into subsets

Use laser-focused data by filtering datasets based on selected data points, allowing for budgetary and operational flexibility.

Enriched Data

Increase the value and usability of your dataset by integrating multiple data sources to create a valuable enriched dataset.

Accurate and Complete

Get fresh, precise, and complete datasets, covering millions of pages and tens of millions of data points.

How it works

Designed for Continuous Data, Zero Maintenance

Step 01

Select the data source(s)

Step 02

Filter the subset of data required, create schedule i.e one-off, monthly, yearly

Step 03

Choose delivery option: Deliver as a datafile as a link, send to file storage Delivery methods include: AWS, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, and more!


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Q: How is the data collected

A: We collect the data from various public sources

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